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OPUS is easy to use and our clients can access it anywhere they have an Internet connection. All Potion clients can use OPUS at no cost, whether they are doing one small project or large volume on an ongoing basis.

You can use OPUS to:

> Create a Project

It only takes a few minutes to create a project on OPUS. It is easy to input instructions and upload related documents. If large quantities of data need to be transferred, you can specify the transfer method you prefer (i.e. FTP).

Potion OPUS screenshot 1

> Define Quality Parameters

OPUS has an extensive QA (Quality Assurance) system that ensures the highest quality of work, every single time. You can enter your own QA criteria if you choose for a project. Those criteria will be added to the standard QA checklists already in OPUS (defined by experts in each work type), providing you with a completely customized QA process.

Potion OPUS screenshot 2

> Track a Project

Complete information is available for the client at all times. The client can login to OPUS to see the status of each item in a project, and to check completed items. Detailed billing data is available to provide for complete transparency. For each project item you can see the minutes or hours used for each stage of the process (i.e. analysis, production, QA).

Potion OPUS screenshot 3

You can choose to be notified by email when project items are finished, and you can login to OPUS to pickup the completed files. If you have any feedback on the items you can enter it directly through OPUS, and the team will review it immediately.

OPUS ensures we get your project done right the first time, every time.

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